House Smart

Design & Build Package

How smart is your house? From setting the temperature remotely to boiling the kettle from bed, control happenings at home from your mobile. All houses are not designed or built the same. What happens behind the walls, below the floors and in the attic is every bit as important as the visible details on which we all tend to focus.

CIT Building Design and Build smart homes in Ireland
Conditioned crawl spaces
They also provide an environment for smaller, more energy efficient air conditioning systems, to lower monthly energy bills, improve air quality and more durable, mold free structural framing.
Spray foam insulated
Un-vented roof-lines provide a better air seal and insulation system in our climate, than an attic that is vented and traditionally insulated in the floor.
Smart Home
The internet is making its way into everything from appliances to thermostats to home security and you’ll be able to control these things in your house from your phone.